Talk about first aid skills
Presenting gifts at the seminar on first aid skills

In the framework of the seminar for the fourth quarter of 2019, the Executive Committee of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – VNU HCM and the NTTU Branch held a seminar on “First Aid Skills” on November 21, 2019. The guest of the program was SSVN (Survival Skills Vietnam) with two speakers: Mr. Tony Coffey – Training Advisor, First Aid Specialist – Quick Response, and Ms. Trang Jane Nguyen – Deputy Director, Trainer.

Each organization is born from a story, a most humane reason for the founder to choose and act as its principle and operational purpose. And so is SSVN.

In 2013, first aid specialist – quick response (paramedic) Tony Coffey from Sydney, Australia visited Vietnam for the first time. At that time, he was invited to teach the First Aid Class for a group of Australian alumni including Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen. He noticed that the number of traffic accidents in Vietnam was very high, but most victims did not receive proper and timely first aid, so the number of accidental casualties was quite high. He was particularly heartbroken when he read an article about a child who died from choking on food at a daycare center due to a lack of proper and timely first aid in central Vietnam. The news made him cry because it reminded him of the incident with his first daughter, Shaana Coffey, who made him decide to quit his business to become a first aid specialist. Ms. Shaana later also became a first aid specialist working in Sydney. Currently, Tony and Ms. Shaana are the only father and daughter couple in Australia who are both first aid specialists. He has been directly involved in first aid and coastal rescue and training in first aid and rescue since 1991 as a professional rescue specialist for the past 10 years and he is also a volunteer. lifeguard over the past 20 years. During this time, he has conducted training, evaluation and worked in executive positions at the Sydney Surf Lifesaving Sydney Association and the New South Wales Lifesaving Academy. Mr. Tony has been providing professional first aid training since 1998 as well as designing and opening first aid training courses tailored to the unique practical needs of each industry and environment. work as well as different cultural and linguistic groups since 2003.

Tony is a highly regarded first aid trainer and has been invited as a speaker for many Australian training institutions. He helps learners to deeply memorize first aid operations with an interesting teaching style and practical experience gained from many years of performing their own first aid and rescue work.

Meanwhile, after taking the first aid course organized by the Australian Consulate, taught by expert Tony Coffey, Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen – MSc in the field of Social Development (she received a full scholarship in Australia. ) quickly realized that this was a vital skill to save people, but it has not been popularized in Vietnam. As soon as the class ended, Ms. Trang Jena met with first aid specialist Tony Coffey to share the general situation of Vietnam. As a community activist, she earnestly asked the expert to arrange a return to Vietnam to share these skills with her in the community.

With that starting point, the non-profit project Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN) was established in 2014 by the co-founders of Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen and Mr. Tony Coffey and launched in Da Nang. In 2016, SSVN moved to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and operates under the auspices of theCenter for Research and Support for Community Health (CCHS) – a Vietnamese non-governmental organization operating in primary health care and community development.

Currently, Survival Skills Vietnam establishes a social enterprise called SSVN Survival Skills Co., Ltd. to bring First Aid courses to international standards as well as practical life skills classes to the community and business. industry, preserving the most precious human resource.

Since more than 3 years of its establishment, SSVN has equipped with knowledge and training for tens of thousands of Vietnamese through community programs at schools, homes, and skills classes for the children’s public. , student-students, adults, and corporate clients.

The seminar equipped the school’s staff, employees, and lecturers with the most basic knowledge and skills in each health case with each age, to protect themselves and Help people around suddenly have bad health, limit unnecessary damage. That is also the purpose of the construction and development of SSVN. SSVN is committed to continuing its community activities in parallel with paid training to spread first aid knowledge and skills to contribute to reducing the rate of casualties, loss, and burden. for family, society, and join hands in building a safer and better community.