Children at the age of 1 to 3 are most likely to choke on food or strange things. (According to the statistics of Children Hospital 2). At this age, the reflexes to open and close the larynx to protect the child’s airway when eating are not mature, the baby is learning to eat solid foods, eat rough and easy to put strange things in the mouth, so parents need to know how to deal with it when they are accidentally in situation.
To be honest, this is not a difficult situation, but many parents mishandling it and lead to worse status: death, prolonged pneumonia, lung abscess, etc.

❌All mistakes in first aid choking children:
✨Put your hand into children’s mouth to get things out. Children’s trachea is very soft, the more parents try to pull out objects, the more likely they are to get them in.
✨ Back patting, stroking chest: When patting the back at the right time the baby takes a strong breath, the combined force can make things to get in deeper.
✨ Using folk tips: swallowing a handful of white rice, eating fruit, etc. These ways do not make the state of choking in children relieved, on the contrary, it will be more serious.

Khi trẻ bị hóc dị vật, nếu trẻ HO ĐƯỢC hãy xử lý theo bài đăng trước “Hướng dẫn trẻ tự ho được khi bị hóc” của SSVN. If the child shows some symtoms such as not being able to cough, breathe, or being faint, it is necessary to do first aid in another way. Let’s see the ways to do first aid in case a child chokes on an object but can not cough which instructed by Tony expert.