Every year, Vietnam has about 250 – 500 cases of food poisoning, corresponding to 7000 – 10000 victims, about 200 deaths. 37% of those cases were caused by natural toxins contained food.

Food poisoning usually occurs after eating or drinking contaminated or toxic food, drink… Acute poisoning usually appears in a few minutes, hours or 1-2 days after eating.

💥Recognizing signs:

👉Nausea, stomach ache

👉severe diarrhea, mostly watery

👉Headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing… When you feel yourself or one showing signs of food poisoning, you should take the first aid steps following:

✅Be active to vomit, diarrhea: The body tries to get rid of toxins out by vomiting and diarrhea, it will make the toxins less absorbed into the body. Although this makes the victim uncomfortable and tired, this reaction needs to happen. With food poisoning patients who are comatose, do not induce vomiting because it will cause choking and suffocation.

✅Let the patient drink plenty of water and rest: After the patient vomits and has a bowel movement, the body will be dehydrated. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out rehydration by drinking plenty of filtered water or water with diluted salt, oresol … in small sips to rehydrate. If the patient drinks water massively while the patient is vomiting, diarrhea, it can cause the patient to vomit the water that has just been drunk.

✅Take the patient to a medical center: Even though first aid has been performed, the patient can still be in danger at any time. Taking them to a medical center for doctors to diagnose and treat.

🎈If you care about the health of yourself and your family, want to have more knowledge for timely first aid for accidents, you should be equipped with the necessary first aid skills.