The curriculum includes dealing with common household injuries and apartment fire escapes. The class is led by expert Tony Coffey, who has worked in Australia’s rapid response force for 20 years.

First aid and emergency escape in apartments is a series of free survival and first aid courses for the apartment community organized by Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN). According to Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen, founder of SSVN: “In a long time, SSVN has received a lot of feedback from residents living in many apartments in the city. They want to know about emergency escape and simple first aid skills in the family in case of accidents. So we prepare thematics with the necessary skills to share with everyone. Hopefully, the program will be widely popular in the apartment community in and outside the city.”

Free first aid and escape classes in the apartment - photo 1
Expert Tony Coffey shares the theory and practice of first aid skills in the classroom – Photo: Nhung Dam

The class includes 2 main parts: dealing with common injuries in family activities and fire escape in the apartment. The class will be led by expert Tony Coffey, a paramedic, who works at the Australian rapid response force, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of first aid, directly instructing knowledge and practicing skills for everyone… The class takes place from 19 to 21 on April 6 at New City Square on Thu Thiem (17 Mai Chi Tho, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City). Register at:

Source: Báo Thanh niên