Every day on each road, drivers face many dangers. Therefore, ride-hailing app “Be” considers it necessary to enhance the skills of drivers.

On the afternoon of October 8, ride-hailing app “Be” held a workshop on “Traffic accident first aid, treatment, and prevention of occupational accidents” exclusively for drivers. Here, nearly 100 drivers have the opportunity to learn about how to give first aid properly and limit the risk of death when having a traffic accident.

First aid training for technology drivers

                                                          First aid training for technology drivers

Join program starring Tony Coffey, training specialist emergency care and rescue Rescue Association Australia with over 20 years experience.

According to Mr. Tony, in the past, many people were often confused that only doctors or professionals could perform first aid. In fact, if equipped with basic knowledge and skills, an ordinary person can completely perform the first aid stage, helping the victim to overcome the danger before being transferred to the hospital.

At the workshop, Mr. Tony guided the first aid steps for victims in accident situations such as how to stop bleeding in case of broken leg, broken arm; how to handle foreign bodies, food into the airways; How to handle drowning patients and some escape skills in fire, chaotic crowd.

According to experts, each driver should be equipped with a medical tool box so that in the event of an accident, they can quickly give first aid and protect themselves as well as the victim.

With the desire that technology driving is a recognized profession, “be” constantly strives to train and improve knowledge for drivers. In the future, this ride-hailing application will also organize communication English courses; emotional management; Self-defense martial arts classes, or courses to improve driver quality, in order to improve their customer service. Especially, the training course “Professional Technology Driver” within the framework of the “Golden Steering Wheel” competition with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs.

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