Singapore International School in Vung Tau was honored to welcome volunteers from the Vietnam Survival Skills Project (SSVN). The main purpose of the group was to help Vietnamese citizens of all ages better understand First Aid and other survival skills to save themselves and their loved ones in emergencies and dangers.

The group was guided by Mr. Tony Coffey, an expert from Australia, whose mission is to impart knowledge to the Vietnamese community about basic first aid techniques when facing critical situations. Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen not only supported the transmission of content in Vietnamese but also aroused the excitement and excitement of the participants.

More than 100 students at the school were taught various first aid methods as well as some measures to handle in case of emergency. They learned how to help victims with burns, cuts, bleeding and basic first aid measures and they enjoyed practicing. They also learned how to react when encountering an aggressive dog or to help a victim with a broken arm or dislocated leg.

Indeed, this was a class with great experiences for students from grades 4 to IGCSE 2. This would definitely be a great companion for them in the future.

Source: Singapore International School