From a boy from the province, Ho Thai Binh has risen to the top 5% of the whole school at RMIT and the University of Queensland, Australia. Possessing a golden CV, he won a full master’s scholarship in Australia, participated in the exchange program of YSEALI, Erasmus +, and The Asia Foundation. So what is the secret to making this first 9x shine so bright? Let’s meet Mr. Binh.

Ho Thai Binh
Graduated with Honors, Master of Commerce – Applied Finance, Faculty of Business – Economics – Law University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia (Full scholarship).

Graduated with Honors, Bachelor of Commerce, RMIT International University Vietnam, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Delegates of the Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) to Missoula (USA), Erasmus + and The Asia Foundation

Member of Australian Business Association in Vietnam

Chairman of Vung Tau Alumni Association

Founding Social Enterprise Survival Skills Vietnam

Journey to the top
Ho Thai Binh grew up in the coastal city of Vung Tau, from the day he was just a tenderfoot, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City. While studying in Ho Chi Minh City, he shared that he felt left behind by his classmates living in the city. In addition to not having the same favorable conditions to learn English, Ho Thai Binh’s time is also divided among clubs, working part-time,…

In order to keep up with his friends, his strategy is to study whenever possible, using all his free time to read books. Many a little makes a mickle, every day he read 30 minutes more than his friends, once a week, and he had nearly 9 hours more, persistently over the years. He was completely confident with his English and knowledge and, therefore, take the lead.

In addition to the top score, Ho Thai Binh’s extracurricular achievements are also remarkable, he used to be the chairman of the RMIT University Environment Club, together with other members, brought this club from the starting point to become one of the largest clubs of the university. He shared that when he was in college, he was always running on the street to do programs and invite sponsors. It is these experiences that come back to help him learn better and increase his soft skills. Mr. Binh shared that extra-curricular activities helped him have stumbles, learn early life lessons that were unforgettable.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Ho Thai Binh has just graduated with a full scholarship for a Master’s degree in Australia.

Time management is the key
If you are still wondering where the time is for Mr. Binh to study and do so well, the secret of this top 5% character is not new to us: effective time management.

Mr. Binh shared that his study program would include the final topic from the first day of the course. Most students usually waited until after ½ of a course to start planning their writing or even a few weeks before the deadline. At that time, there was often psychological pressure, so it was difficult to have a good product.

He managed his time by planning as soon as he had a topic. He spent exactly 1 hour a day working, so he often finished his essay beforehand. The way Mr. Binh managed his time was carefully calculated and there was always room for unexpected things. He is known to be always on time for every appointment. On the days when there are too many things to do, the first thing Ho Thai Binh does is to make a plan, arrange the order of priority.

Finding your passion is knowing how to say “no”
The list of Ho Thai Binh’s fields of activity and start-up is quite diverse, from experience in the environment at university, a graduate in Commerce and Finance, technology startup, runs a company that develops urban anti-mosquito systems, and co-founded a health social enterprise. For him, doing a lot of things goes against being an elite in a certain field.

Mr. Binh gave himself time to try out all the fields that he loves. After determining the most suitable direction, he eliminated all previous work to focus on a single field.

Mr. Binh shared that when your profile had too many things, it would be difficult for the scholarship review board to know what you were focusing on, what field you were good at and you did not have a clear direction for the future. An ideal application for a scholarship/exchange program would revolve around a certain area, you should write your jobs and extracurricular activities which were all related to that area.

Source: Sandla interview