Do you know how many Vietnamese people die or become paralyzed from Stroke every day? How many plans are unfinished? How many dreams, how much loss, pain, and regret because the loved one suddenly left without time to say goodbye???

That is our concern! That is why SSVN First Aid Skills classes emphasize the topic of Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – conditions that can claim lives quickly, increasing and rejuvenating among Vietnamese people.

Many Vietnamese people have lost their lives because of a lack of knowledge about stroke, too busy doing business, doing business, taking care of their families and children, too busy to spend time studying first aid knowledge and skills to protect life, the most precious thing, until something goes wrong, it may be too late to save. At this time, time is more precious than diamonds, gold, and silver, at that time, having money of gold, silver, diamonds, and real estate may not be able to save people’s lives!!!

Have you prepared anything to handle a Stroke, to identify the early signs, causes, and effective first aid?

If not, please prioritize learning first aid soon, because the sick person has only 4-8 golden minutes initially, it all depends on you and the people present.

Let’s learn first aid now so that each of us can help recognize the signs and symptoms of #Stroke #Stroke #Stroke in loved ones, friends, colleagues, and ourselves, instead of skimming and thinking it’s just fatigue due to being tired. stress, or confused with other diseases and wait for the next medical examination…, then it may be too late!!!

You can immediately find out information about first aid through SSVN’s free App and Youtube at SSVN sends you some clear signs of FAST Stroke.