How to give first aid to someone who has a stroke

Did you know Stroke is the leading cause of disability and death worldwide?

Did you know over 70% of stroke patients can’t return to work as before? (Partly due to untimely and incorrect first aid (American Stroke Association Statistics).

The number of strokes is increasing while the knowledge to detect and treat this disease properly is not widespread.

Today, SSVN guides you on how to handle stroke patients once they have checked and detected signs of stroke.

Review: Signs of stroke: FAST

What to do after seeing stroke symptoms according to FAST signs:

????For a stroke patient who is still AWAKE and BREATHING

✅Call an ambulance.

✅Support the casualty and have them sit comfortably with their head rested.

✅If you take the victim to the hospital by yourself, you MUST choose hospitals with MRI machines

????For the stroke patient who is UNCONSCIOUS and BREATHING

✅If the victim is unconscious but still breathing, need to put the victim in a supine position to prevent the tongue drooping to block the airway or vomit, sputum does not back up into the airway.

✅Still proceed to call Ambulance or take to the hospital with MRI.

????For someone with a stroke, irregular breathing or STOP

✅Immediately call an ambulance.

✅Put the victim on a hard floor, quickly perform CPR – CPR until breathing is normal. When the victim stops breathing, there are only 4 minutes to act before the victim is brain dead, so knowing the knowledge and practice of CPR is a must and a necessity for emergency situations like these.


❌Arbitrarily giving antihypertensive drugs.

❌Shave the wind, prick the fingertips…or use unproven oral methods.

????????In first aid, there is no other way than recognizing early signs of stroke and taking them to the emergency room quickly. People who have a stroke only have a golden time for emergency treatment of 3-4 hours, so do not try to handle it yourself at home, it will make the victim’s brain seriously damaged and gradually die.

????????The most important thing, in addition to equipping yourself with First Aid knowledge to handle stroke situations, SSVN advises everyone on the side to prevent this disease first by:

✅Exercise and sports.

✅Eat in moderation, healthy.

✅Live at a reasonable time, avoid staying up late and stress too much.

✅Avoid using stimulants such as beer, alcohol, etc.