On May 22, 2019, nearly 40 deaf students from Hear.Us.Now (HUN) attended the First Aid training session organized by Survival Skills Vietnam in collaboration with Hear.Us.Now.

The children happily practiced first aid actions.

They were taught basic first aid to handle cases such as when someone faints on the road or chokes on a foreign object and some basic bandages. Although the training session lasted only 2 hours, the students seemed to be very excited! The children paid great attention to each instruction, discussed enthusiastically about the topic and enjoyed being a part of the interesting examples. HUN believes that, after this training session, the students will be more confident and have basic knowledge on how to deal with emergency situations.

Bright smiles were always on the children’s faces throughout the lesson

Once again, HUN would like to express our sincere thanks to Survival Skills Vietnam-SSVN for taking the time and effort to prepare a very quality and interesting training session for HUN’s deaf students. HUN also thanked Mr. Tony Coffey – Australian training expert with more than 20 years of experience in first aid and training – for sharing very useful, fun and practical knowledge for the students.

And HUN also believes that, with their expertise, experience and kind heart, SSVN and Mr. Tony Coffey will help more and more people to know First Aid – a very important skill in life.

Source: Hear.Us.Now