The job of a Nurse is not as simple as it seems because they are busy all day and night. At the hospital, in addition to performing tasks such as infusion, dispensing medicine, changing bandages, nurses have to be on duty a lot even staying up all night.

Head of the hospital award certificates of merit to donors
Head of the hospital award certificates of merit to donors

Understanding the pressures and sacrifices of nurses, SSVN has collaborated with the Center for Health Innovation Research (CHIR) to help the nurses of Thu Duc City Hospital improve their spiritual life and enhance professional capacity by sponsoring:

  • 10 courses on time management, financial management,
  • 20 e-learning courses on basic family health care & first aid,
  • 10 practical first aid training slots for nurses and their family members
  • Medical quality improvement course.
Nurses of Thu Duc Hospital

SSVN hopes that the nursing community will always be valued and recognized. All dedication, efforts and love of the nurses will always be fueled and is a strong example of the spirit of mutual affection because they work wholeheartedly, the hospital is like their home and they treat the patients as their family members.


Survival Skills Vietnam – A Social Enterprise with the goal “Every family has at least one person who knows how to give first aid to reduce preventable casualties in Vietnam”.

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