Ky Phong is one of the main actor in the film “Southern Land”, playing the role of Co, the best friend of An. He portrays a young boy who has experienced life early, is intelligent, and skilled in shooting, accompanying An on a journey to find his father. Accompanying Phong is his mother – actress Kieu Trinh who is beloved by audiences through her artistic films such as “Mùa len trâu”, “Bi đừng sợ”, “Rừng đen”, “Song Lang” which have won numerous international film awards. She also reveals that she had a small role in the film “Southern Land” directed by Nguyen Quang Dung.

Actor Ky Phong and actress Kieu Trinh take a photo with first aid expert Tony Coffey.

Below are some sharings of actress Kieu Trinh after learning first aid with Survival Skills – SSVN:

When unfortunate incidents such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, drowning, burns, choking occur, what should we do to save our loved ones when we have no knowledge or are far from a hospital?

Actress Kieu Trinh and her son, actor Ky Phong, performed first aid practice exercises

If a person becomes unconscious and stops breathing, how many minutes without oxygen supply to the brain can lead to death? What can we do to save them when medical professionals have not arrived in time?

Once again, I and my son greatly appreciate the effort of Mr. Tony Coffey from Australia, Mr. Ho Thai Binh and Mr. Nghia Pham in organizing training to spread first aid knowledge to more and more people.

First aid expert Tony Coffey (left) – actress Kieu Trinh and Mr. Ho Thai Binh, Director of Survival Skills – SSVN (right).

For a long time, I wanted to learn these important first aid skills, hoping that I can handle emergencies well when they happen to my family members but didn’t know where to learn.

I know that many of our friends and society desire to protect their families, but everyone has their own life concerns so they cannot equip themselves with these essential skills yet.

You know what? Yesterday, the image of a mother living in Park Riveside residential area bringing her whole family to the class touched me deeply. Even her visually impaired 15-16-year-old son attended the class. I feel very lucky to participate in this training taught by Mr Tony.

SSVN is so glad that his family trust our training programs and chose to learn first aid skills with us in order to timely handle urgent accidents that may affect health and life, as well as to protect themselves and people around them.

Actress Kieu Trinh