In many cases, we see people rushing to rescue others who have suffered from electric shocks or drowning incidents, without considering the risks involved. However, this selfless act often leads to the loss of both the rescuer’s life and the person in distress.. Ms. Huong Mai realized that the first aid knowledge she had acquired over the years was completely wrong after she knows SSVN- Survival Skill Vietnam. ( SSVN).

First aid training at SSVN

A free but high-quality, engaging, and extremely practical learning session! I would like to thank Survival Skills Vietnam-SSVN for bringing first aid knowledge closer to the community, as it turns out that many things we thought we were familiar with were actually done incorrectly, from treating open wounds, burns, nosebleeds… or having the knowledge but feeling helpless in real-life situations because we’ve never had the chance to practice! More seriously, there are numerous cases where individuals trying to save drowning/electrocution victims become the next victims themselves simply due to a lack of knowledge or failure to recognize the early signs of a stroke leading to death.

How to perform first aid on a drowning child

And within just 4-8 minutes, if we know how to provide first aid to those in need, especially our loved ones, we would already significantly reduce the risks before they receive medical treatment from the doctors.

The learning session reminds me of the importance of health, the most valuable asset in life! Let’s always remember to love and appreciate what we have, don’t wait until it’s gone to regret it.

Survival Skills Vietnam-SSVNcurrently offers various courses for different age groups, covering different topics such as self-defense, first aid for choking victims, CPR… If anyone is interested in learning, please contact the website directly. I’m not promoting, just sharing because I find it valuable!

Source: Huong Mai