If a person is unconscious but do not receive enough attention immediately, their head may slump or their tongue may obstruct the airway. Clearing the airway of the person is vital to maintain breathing. The most dangerous positions for an unconscious person are lying flat on their back or face down, as they are prone to having their tongue or vomit block or obstruct their breathing.

1. Some causes of unconsciousness:

Unconsciousness can result from various causes such as injury, illness, stroke, seizures, convulsions.

2. Steps for first aid for an unconscious person who is still breathing:

Step 1: Kneel down beside the person and determine the best direction to roll them onto their side.

Extend their arm closest to the rolling side horizontally across their chest, folding the other arm across the chest so that the hand is under the chin, and bend the knee of the leg opposite the chest to reduce friction.

Hold the shoulder with one hand and the knee with the other, and roll them onto the predetermined side.

Place one of their legs on the floor to secure the position and adjust their head to ensure their airway is open, with the mouth and nose facing the floor so that if they vomit, it will come out onto the floor rather than blocking the airway.

3. Note:

If there is a suspicion of a cervical spine injury, it is necessary to stabilize the cervical spine and gently lift their chin to open the airway and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

If they show signs of vomiting, one person should kneel above their head to stabilize the head-neck-shoulder area, and 2 to 3 other people should together assist in rolling the person to one side, minimizing movement of the victim’s cervical and lumbar spine.

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