Rescue training and sponsorship of marine rescue equipment


Rescue training and sponsorship of marine rescue equipment is a collaboration program of Survival Skills SSVN and Surf Life Saving (Australia) with the mission to improve the effectiveness of the water rescue force at public beaches thereby ensuring safety and preventing drowning through

  • Delegate Australian experts to train the lifeguards
  • Equipping with international standard rescue tools for local rescue forces

As a result, localities will improve safety for people and tourists, thereby enhancing the reputation of local tourism.


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Chương trình hỗ trợ miễn phí cho các đơn vị cứu hộ thuộc nhà nước !

Introduction to Surf Life Saving (SLS)
Surf Life Saving Services (Australia) is a partner of SSVN's Survival Skills in issuing the internationally recognized First Aid and Rescue Training Certification.
rescue and training experience
100quốc gia
the presence of SLS
9.000nạn nhân
being saved every single year in AUSTRALIA
A special feature of the program
To address specific problems in Vietnam
The localities have implemented the program
Professional rescue team ensures the safety and enhances the image of local travel
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Supporting or information finding

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