Rock fishing

Rock fishing is fun but it's important to prepare before you leave home. Learn more about how you can ensure you are ready for a safe and fun rock fishing experience.

Always check the weather & conditions before you leave home.

Some websites to check for the weather

How can I choose a safe spot to go rock fishing?

  • Check the conditions before you leave home. Download the Beachsafe app or check
  • What are the tides like? High tides can cover your rock fishing spot and the entry point with water and breaking waves, and you are more likely to get trapped, slip, or get swept off the rocks.
  • How big is the swell? Large waves or swells can be hazardous and sudden. Some swells can travel from very far away and go unnoticed until they break heavily on the shore. These sudden swells can happen even when it is sunny, and it appears calm.
  • How strong is the wind? Strong winds will not only create big waves, but they can make it very difficult for you to remain standing on wet and slippery rocks without being pushed and you risk falling off into danger.
  • Is this a sheltered spot? If you are fishing in an exposed open area during rough seas, always try to find a calmer and more sheltered spot to fish from. Do not risk being out in the open.
Nên câu cá khi trời còn sáng, câu cá vào bình minh và hoàng hôn có thể nguy hiểm và khó khăn cho đội cứu hộ tác nghiệp.
The safest time to go fishing is during the day, with a good amount of sunlight and clear visibility. Rock fishing during dusk and dawn and at night time can be dangerous and rescues are much more difficult in low light and dark conditions.

Always check & monitor the conditions...

Have a look at this video which shows you how quickly the swell (waves) can rise creating a very dangerous platform to be standing on.
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