This time has many occasions, so parents or friends often invite you to travel to rest and have fun. However, each different tourist destination will have potential dangers to the health of you and your family or friends. To complete the trip, it is necessary to equip first aid knowledge to prevent accidents that may occur during the trip.

Today, SSVN will point out 4 types of accidents that are easy to happen when traveling for everyone’s attention.

1️⃣Drowning in marine resorts, almost every year, drowning accidents occur in both adults and children. There are many cases where the swimmer who came to the rescue did not save his/ her own life.

2️⃣Insect stings .Many young people often choose to travel in the mountains. The mountainous area is home to many types of insects, so it needs a lot of attention. Insects bite to suck blood, the bites themselves are usually not painful, but they cause itching and discomfort. There are many cases of severe bites that cause swelling of the throat, mouth or tongue, and limited breathing.

3️⃣Falling This is the rainy season, so if you travel on the mountain, you will be prone to falls, bleeding, injury due to slippery. When there is a bleeding injury or a scratch on the skin, many people do not know how to give first aid and handle the bleeding, causing infection.

4️⃣Food poisoning We should absolutely pay attention to food because when traveling, most families eat streetfood. The same meal, with the same food source, but adults are okay, children can be poisoned because of poor resistance. You should also be careful with specialty dishes because your digestive system has never received that strange food source, so it is easy to be poisoned when you eat a lot, even if the locals eat it okay.

💥Equip yourself with first aid knowledge and prevent accidents to make your trip more enjoyable.