❗ In Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City there was a case that 5 children were playing on a construction site when one of them was electrocuted and died. Le Minh Chau (10 years old) playing on the ground was suddenly electrocuted and called for help, 2 children in the same group heard the cry and ran to save him, then they were electrocuted. After witnessing three friends being electrocuted, another boy in the group ran to tell his relatives.

❗ When people arrived at the scene, Chau was dead. Two children who had run to save Chau were in an unconscious state and were taken to the emergency. However. one of 2 children died in hospital.

✨SSVN feel very sorry for this case. Dear Mr/ Mrs, even if our child wants to help save others, we must teach him/ her how to react when seeing someone being electrocuted to keep safe for his/her own life firstly.

❗Teach the child to KEEP CALM, DO NOT PASS IN and HUG the victim out when seeing someone being electrocuted. That will lead to be electrocuted and more dangerous for child.

❓So, what should a child do when seeing someone being electrocuted ?
✅ Absolutely do not touch them, shout out to interrupt the electricity.
✅Ask adults for help.
✅If it is possible, call the ambulance.

✨ Source: Tuoi Tre News