This is a photo of Bridger Walker, 6 years old, from Wyoming, is going viral on social media after she stood in front of her younger sister to protect her from an aggressive dog attack.

Despite having to sew up to 90 stitches, she bravely replied, “If anyone has to die, I think it should be me.”
SSVN was not only impressed by her brave action, but also very sorry for the injury she suffered.

Even though her actions are completely right at that time, parents please show your children how to deal with aggressive dogs by following:
? Dogs may bite people when they feel stressed or threatened (like someone is trying to intrude into its territory).
? Dogs tend to attack on our face or neck. Therefore, children are often bitten by dogs on their face and adults is on their arms and legs.
? When you detect the signs that a dog is about to attack, you need to calm down and should not run away ? Running away and shouting makes the dog more agressive .

❓ What should we do when a dog is about to attack us?
☑️ Avoid looking dog’s eyes directly (in dog language, looking straight is a sign of defiance), maintain peripheral vision for observation.
☑️Raise both arms to protect face, neck and chest ; clench fingers into fists.
☑️ Moving slowly and retreating from its territory.