In daily life, every family uses many kinds of detergents for home sanitization. Few people know that these detergent products have the risk of causing severe burns if they accidentally get into the body.

Being burnt by toilet detergent (Alkali) is much more dangerous than that of acid ? Although Acid causes burn and damage to skin by the heat, it only causes injuries on the parts of body affected by chemicals. About being burnt by Alkali, it makes your epithelium exposed chemical soften and burn.
Alkali burns gradually spread to other parts of surface skin, it penetrates into epithelium deeply. This process occurs during 2-3 days after being exposed to chemicals. Thus, if you don’t implement a first aid these cases immediately and exactly, burns will gradually be more serious ?

When Alkali accidentally gets into skin, you must do immediatly following these steps :

  • Remove the chemical by placing the burned skin under cool running water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Take off jewelry or clothing that has not been tightly sticked to the burn quickly.
  • Cover the burn with a plastic bag to limit infection and then take to the hospital whether the burn is severe or not servere.


  • Absolutely, do not wash the burn by soap or others.
  • Do not apply any kind of creams on the burn.
  • For lime burns, you must not flush with water, but dry and remove lime powder, and then flush with water.