With the nature of the work often moving on the road, the driver-partner needs to equip with the basic knowledge of first aid to protect himself and help the community. Therefore, on 12-13 / 12/2020, BAEMIN cooperated with Survival Skills Vietnam to organize a First Aid class exclusively for BAEMIN Driver Partner – helping to enhance safety, additional basic first aid knowledge for the Driver Partner.

Equip first aid knowledge for Driver Partner

More than 100 high-performing driver partners were invited to join the first aid class exclusively for BAEMIN Driver Partners in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh In this class, the Partners had the opportunity to learn about how to properly give first aid and reduce serious injuries in an accident.

Right after an introduction to the most basic principles of first aid, Ms. Trang Jena – Co-founder of Survival Skills Vietnam – instructed Partners in many skills such as: handling fractures; there is an object that can damage software such as arms and legs; method of combining breathing and chest compressions when cardiac arrest victims are encountered.

The partner was also equipped with a lot of knowledge about daily accidents in the family such as nosebleeds; burn; dislocation; Foreign matter in children and adults. Moreover, the Partner is supplemented with knowledge about identifying and handling when having a stroke – a life-threatening condition if not treated quickly.

Application to life – community help

Sharing with BAEMIN, Mr. Viet – Regional Team Leader of Tan Binh District said: “First aid skills are essential for the driver’s brother. Many times when moving on the road, we encounter cases of pedestrians having accidents, we can also use our knowledge to help and save people.”

Mr. Tan – District 1 Regional Team Leader also shared: “In many cases, the driver wanted to help but we were very confused, just dare to bring the victim to the sidelines and call an ambulance if needed. I think after this class, we will have more solid knowledge, I will also impart it to the members of the team so that everyone can help the community.”

After the first 4 classes took place over the weekend, the First Aid class exclusively for Driver Partners has ended with many memorable memories. Thanks to the knowledge learned in the classroom, BAEMIN Driver Partners are more firmly equipped with first-aid skills – able to apply practically to life and help the community.

BAEMIN will also develop more skills training classes for Driver Partners. It is expected that 04 First Aid Classes for BAEMIN Driver Partner will be held in Hanoi on December 26-27, 2020. Let’s wait and join more enthusiastically in the following classes, Partner!

Wish Partner effective work!

Source: Beamin Vietnam