A 3-year-old child was in anaphylactic shock after being fed ” FRIED CRICKET ” by his father: hives, whole body edema, low blood pressure, breath unsually , danger

In the afternoon of August 2, a child named N.H.G.B, 3 years old, living in Ben Luc, Long An suffered level 3 anaphylaxis after his father fed him “fried cricket”.

According to the patient’s family, about 4 hours before being taken to the hospital, after eating 7-8 fried crickets, the child had a whole body urticaria, severe abdominal pain and continuous vomiting, the child had difficulty breathing. His parent immediately took him to the Children Hospital.

After the doctors assessed the rapid pulse, low blood pressure, lethargy, difficulty breathing, it was determined that he had level III anaphylaxis. Recognizing that this is a very serious patient, doctor immediately performed anaphylaxis emergency according to the protocol: he was immediately given oxygen, injected and infused with adrenaline, strong anti-inflammatory, and used anti-inflammatory drugs. pulse, intravenous fluids… Up to then, after 3 days of intensive resuscitation, he was out of danger.

Dr. Truong Phuoc Huu, Emergency Department, who directly dealt with his case, shared that if the patient is not treated promptly, the patient will be at risk of laryngeal edema, respiratory failure and the risk of death at high level.

In the case that after eating, there are unusual manifestations and symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, itching, abdominal pain, digestive disorders … or some signs of anaphylaxis or anaphylaxis such as shortness of breath, cold hands and feet, convulsions, progressive itchy papules, … more severe can quickly lead to coma, convulsions.. need to immediately go to medical facilities for timely examination and treatment.

Knowledges of dealing with food poisoning and anaphylaxis are included in SSVN’s First Aid curriculum. Hopefully, everyone will speand time learning to be less confused when encountering a similar situation.

Source: Children Hospital