“I came to this course in a passive position. Like anyone else out there, I am the same. For sure, I know this is useful knowledge that can save myself or anyone else when we are in accident, unfortunately. But, of course, “No, I’m lazy”, “Yeah, that’s important, but never mind”, “Worry later”, “It’s not my turn to worry”… that sort of thing. But what will be, will be, willy-nilly. I had a feeling of some girl kids who cried a lot, cried them a river. In spite of that, they still performed without missing any action in many clips recently. This is the way I began with the course :Online First Aid

Because I came to the course passively, I did not figure out or know anything about this organization ( where is it? , who are they?,…) I began to learning first lesson with that state of mind. Looking at the theme of the knowledge that would be shared in the course, I had still not believed


I began to switch the button for playing video. Like “Wow, unbelievable, I can understand all of them that there were many terminologys which is too difficult to learn when I learned Biology during high school (hicc). Because the information and knowledge is conveyed in the ordinary words, not for those in the industry, it is extremely easy to understand. The most basic knowledge of first aid is systematic from comprehensive to detailed for each case, and still based on 1 general formula. The repetition of that general formula and the specific application to each situation helps me to be impressed and remember more deeply. The course not only reinforces the ‘facts’ that everyone has heard but did not understand, but also confirms many misconceptions that are still believed to be true.

After that, I also found out the instructor for each lesson and this organization, then I knew the background, the level of excellence of the course that I was studying. All lessons in this Course are taught by First Aid Expert: Tony Coffey (roughly 28 years of experience in rescue and teaching in Sydney, Australia and 6 years in Vietnam).

This article is not intended to entice anyone to come and register and participate in SSVN courses. I hope you will start to equip yourself with knowledge related to first aid through courses, workshops or reading reliable documents online. At some point, it will be necessary If you are suffocated with many information or are still struggling to find a reliable courseSurvival Skills Vietnam-SSVN is a high recommend

Thank everyone who help me approach this course. I hope Survival Skills Vietnam-SSVN can quickly and conveniently bring these useful things to as many people.

That’ s all !

Cre: Quanh Dien Le