In the morning of June 18, the UEF Community Connection Center continued to organize the second seminar in the online series LEARN.SHARE.GROW around the topic “Social Impact Business” with experts from Social Enterpises SSVN.

The speaker of the program is Mr. Ho Thai Binh – Co-Founder, Director of the Social Enterprise of Survival Skills – SSVN, Deputy Director of SiGen Co., Ltd. With experience working in many prestigious organizations as well as a great interest in social issues, Mr. Binh has been to many countries around the world to learn about the social enterprise model in order to find a sustainable direction for the society. this type of activity.

The program is held online, has attracted the interactive participation of more than 300 students and over 3000 video views. This shows that UEFers are always active in community activities. The real-life stories of the speakers themselves have attracted the attention of young people. At the same time, the activity also provides students with knowledge about first aid and business models that create social impact through lively transmissions.

The main content of the sharing session revolved around two main topics including the story of the establishment and development of SSVN and the peculiarities of building a social enterprise model. According to Mr. Binh, SSVN was born partly from personal experience, as he has been saved many times by people with these skills, so he is very aware of the importance of First Aid Skills.

In developed countries, First Aid Skills are one of the skills that are required and are taught in schools from a very early age (primary level). Currently in Vietnam, First Aid skills are also gradually receiving a lot of attention from many organizations/enterprises. With specific examples and impressive statistics, Mr Binh showed UEF students that the right First Aid method is a great contributor to reducing the consequences of accidents and saving lives.

From the actual needs as well as the usefulness of First Aid skills, SSVN was born as a solution that is both financially sustainable and contributes many good values to society. With the philosophy that doing business has to create social influence,SSVN Social Enterprise operates with the goal: Bringing medical knowledge that is easily understood to everyone in order to reduce the fatality rate from accidents. Operating a social enterprise like SSVN also has many unique differences compared to non-profit organizations.

Mr. Binh said: for Social Enterprises, profit is not the ultimate goal of business activities, but plays a significant role in decisions as well as organizational orientation. In addition, when working for a social enterprise, his dedication makes every work day enjoyable. This creates many different perspectives for students, especially those with a major in economics, about a new type of business.

During the sharing session, the students’ interest was shown through many questions around the topic of First Aid. More than 100 questions from the beginning to the end of the program showed many creative perspectives of the students with the topic and by interactive activities, many questions were answered. And with the upcoming activities when combined with SSVN, the UEF Community Connection Center hopes to be able to meet more of the interests of UEFers.

It is known that in June and early July, the UEF Community Connection Center will continue to have new activities to equip more knowledge, skills and strengthen connections for UEF students with activities. community, especially the online talkshow series LEARN.SHARE.GROW.

Source: Quy Nguyen – KNCĐ Center