First aid guide for broken arm
How to bandage your hand when you break a bone

Fractures of limbs are common situations when affected by external forces. It could be through accidents such as car falls and falls.

Fractures of the limb will include broken, fractured or fractured bones. In particular, when a piece of bone fails, the bundles of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels are all affected.

When encountering such situations, especially when traveling long distances, backpacking in difficult terrain, it will be difficult to immediately move the victim to the hospital. Therefore, we need to learn words now, for proper first aid to relieve pain and how to move the victim to the nearest medical center afterwards.

Signs and symptoms of a broken bone

Have a sereve pain
Don’t use that limb as usual

Instructions for first aid when the victim has a broken arm

Step 1: Let the victim return to the position they are most comfortable in. Avoid moving the broken part.

Step 2: Find a piece of cardboard or a piece of wood for the fake brace. (Same length as the broken bone.)

Step 3: Place towels, pants, clothes, and soft cloths under the fracture to make the victim more comfortable when splinting.

Step 4: Use an elastic bandage to secure the brace. (Wrap just tight enough to fix the fracture.)

Step 5: If there is ice, a dry ice pack should be applied to the victim to relieve pain.

Summary of first aid instructions for closed fractures


  1. If the victim is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding first. To know how to stop bleeding accurately on each site, SSVN encourages everyone to learn first aid for specific instructions.
  2. When the broken part is not fixed, do not move the victim around or take to hospital. SSVN hopes everyone to bring along first aid bag when travelling , and equipped with knowledge to handle accidents in time!
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