You can’t continue walking when you see people in trouble, but if you want to help them, how should you help? The following article will guide you.

Take some steps when meeting someone in a traffic accident

Performing first aid can be life-changing.

In order for you to “dare” to save lives, you need to understand and know exactly what to do. DON’T just wait for the ambulance to arrive, DO follow the instructions below and keep it in mind.

1️⃣Call an ambulance and the police immediately. It’s the first thing you need to do when you have an accident on the road. Don’t try to look who called or not? Calling is better than not do it. Always remember the emergency number is 115 and can ask people or look online the local police phone number Now to make support easier, when people can call emergency numbers without area code. Please try to keep calm when calling and provide accurate information to emergency and police.

2️⃣Look around. After calling and waiting for an ambulance and police, you should look around to avoid potential dangers. It may be the situation of leaking gasoline, the engine is still working, the vehicle is on fire… It should be handled quickly so that no problem occurs.

3️⃣Preserve the scene. This is the basic rule when encountering a traffic accident. Firstly, it will help the investigation of the scene and find the cause of the accident unaffected. Secondly, it is to preserve the victim’s life because if they are injured in some area, the wrong move will make things worse. If movement is required, the victim should be examined for suspected spinal cord injury. If so, make sure to move the victim in the correct manner.

4️⃣Proper First Aid. If you already have basic first aid knowledge, give first aid to the victim. This is very important to ensure lives.

Do not rush to pick up the victim, check if they have a spinal impact. If so, holding the victim will result in spinal cord injury that can result in death or paralysis.

An important operation in first aid for traffic accident victims is cardiac arrest. At this point you need to do CPR until the heart is beating again. When CPR during the emergency has not arrived, it is best to have another one alter to avoid fatigue and maintain the best time and pressure. To do CPR for the victim really effectively, you need to learn at least 1 international standard CPR class.

For the case where the victim does not appear to be in cardiac arrest, or when CPR, the victim’s heart is beating again, breathing normally but still unconscious, it is necessary to roll the victim on his side and carry out the next first aid operations. .