Our general mentality when going out is that no one wants to use a first aid kit ? but in case of need, it will help you get through bad situations.

If you are wondering what first aid supplies to bring, then check out the list of SSVN recommendations below:
1️⃣ Sterilized gauze – small pack of 6 pieces
You can always use gauze to absorb blood or secretions without having to carry a cotton bag. After cleaning the wound, apply gauze to the wound.
2️⃣ Bandages – 10 pieces
should prepare both sizes large and small
3️⃣ Sterilized elastic bandage 2-3 rolls
4️⃣ Triangle tape: 1 piece size 136cmx96cmx96cm
Used to fix the wound on the hand, avoid moving the injured area by putting a bandage from the neck to the victim’s hand.
In the event of an emergency that doesn’t have triangle tape on the side, you can use a scarf or crop top instead.
5️⃣ Scissors
Very useful if you need to cut gauze or elastic bandages
6️⃣ Medical gloves – 2 pairs
When performing first aid you also need to protect yourself by wearing gloves. Plus, a pair of sterile hands will prevent further bacteria from entering the wound.
7️⃣ Tweezers
An extremely necessary item, especially if you love outdoor activities or mountain climbing. Using clean tweezers to remove splinters or debris lodged in the skin is the safest way. Before and after each use, you should wash and disinfect the tweezers thoroughly.
8️⃣ 1 roll of adhesive tape

❓Do I need to bring alcohol/hydrogen peroxide / Povidone-iodine?
According to the recommendations of the American Red Cross, when conducting first aid for wounds, it is not mandatory to use antiseptic drugs, just wash the wound with clean drinking water. When taking the victim to a medical facility, the doctor will continue to handle the infection and treat it.
The application of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to open wounds causes both pain and damage to white blood cells (which are responsible for killing bacteria) and affects the healing process. In addition, the plastic bottles put in the backpack are likely to break when they are pinched in the bag.

?General treatment for bleeding wounds: wash the wound with clean water, bandage the bleeding. Then you should go to a medical facility for further treatment.
?In the case of only a slight scratch and you are worried about infection, wash around the wound with hydrogen peroxide, do not use alcohol or povidone. You should see your doctor for advice on treatment, especially whether or not to have a tetanus shot.
?Download the First Aid App before you go. If you encounter a problem, you will be quite confused, now just open the app and click on the case you are facing and there will be instructions immediately. App used even when no wifi.

?If you find it difficult to choose first aid tools, SSVN has a first aid bag imported from Germany with all the above items available (including emergency insulation blankets). The bag is only bigger than the hand and has 31 items.