Burns is a very common accident in daily life, stemming from many causes such as boiling water burns, motorcycle pot burns, electric burns, etc. Especially, children are often careless while playing, so they can create unfortunate situations. Currently, the number of burn cases in children account for more than 60% of burns in the country The problem becomes urgent because up to 80% of parents do not know how to properly give first aid to their children.

5 steps to give first aid when a child is burned
Image: Survival Skills Vietnam gives 5 steps treating burn in children

General statistics from Children Hospital I Ho Chi Minh City shows that up to 80% of parents give first aid to children with burns in the wrong way. Notably, the number of children which hospitalized with burns is on the rise with an average of 5 cases per day. Among them, there are many cases of severe burns in the 2nd and 3rd level, mainly due to the negligence of the adults. However, most parents are still subjective and careless when treating burns for children. Instead of giving the correct and timely first aid methods, many parents use the wrong measures such as applying for male medicine, applying toothpaste, applying egg yolk, using python fat or oilcá,…

1. The Dangers of Taking Care of a Burned Child the Wrong Way

Because children’s bodies are different from adults’, burns in children progress faster. Specifically, just being burned at 5% level, the child can also be shocked and seriously infected. If not doing first aid for burns properly and timely, can affect the survival of children in some critical cases such as circulatory arrest, respiratory failure, etc. In severe cases when the burn is necrotic, the child has to be cut off the part of the body where the burn was. Besides, the consequences of improper burn treatment are that the burn condition is more severe and there is a high risk of infection. Burns can have serious consequences on a child’s life, health, aesthetic or mental health.

Burns often leaves scars that are difficult to heal

First aid when a child is burned is considered an extremely important step to prevent the injuri from getting deep inside and getting infected.

2. 5 Steps of First Aid When a Child Gets Burned

Children’s skin is very thin, poorly heat-resistant, can be deeply damaged to parts of the body. If the burn is severe, parents must pay close attention. To avoid encountering unfortunate cases due to improper burn treatment. SSVN has compiled 5 basic first aid steps for children with heat burns for mothers.

Step 1: Cool the burn with clean water

When the child is burned, the mother should immediately put the burned skin of the child in clean water to cool it, on average 15-20 minutes. It is best for mothers to use tap water, open it slightly and spray it on the skin.

Step 2: Clear the burn

Quickly remove children’s jewelry (bracelets, anklets, etc.) if any and clothes when they are not firmly attached to the burn.

Step 3: Clear the injury

Absolutely do not apply creams, fish sauce, egg whites, etc. before the skin there returns to normal temperature. Always keep the burn clean

Step 4: For children with mild burns

After the mother gives first aid with water to the child, you can leave the baby at home to let the skin recover and monitor the child’s signs of infection..

Step 5: For children with severe burns (level 2,3)

If the child’s burn loses the skin, after the mother has given first aid to the child with water, it is necessary to take the child to the hospital. Cover the burn with clean nylon bag to limit infection. The reason to choose nylon is because it is a non-stick material. Cotton towels and ordinary gauze are easy to absorb secretions from the burn and stick to the wound.

Things to Keep in Mind When Giving First Aid to Burned Children

In the process of first aid for children with burns, mothers should note the following points to avoid making the burn worse.
❌You should only remove tight clothing and jewelry for children when they have not yet adhered to the burned skin.
❌DO NOT cover the burn with toothpaste, other creams, egg whites… when the skin there returns to normal temperature.
❌DO NOT use ice or very cold water directly on the burn.
❌DO NOT puncture or deflate blisters.

To learn more about the steps of treating burns, watch the video First aid instructions for burns from Survival Skills Vietnam’s expert Tony Coffey. Learn more First Aid Knowledge at Survival Skills Vietnam.