☀️Children are often curious, love to explore, and put in their mouths toys, food… This is very easy for children to choke. When a child chokes and parents do not know how to handle it properly, it only takes four minutes to cause cardiac arrest and apnea in children.

☀️Common signs of choking in children:
▶️Coughing, coughing or wheezing
▶️Pale skin, difficulty breathing….

☀️There are many mistakes when parents give first aid to a choking child and one of those mistakes is to try to put your hand in the child’s mouth to pull out an object, the reason is that parents see the object so they think it is possible to pull it out. However, our windpipe is very soft, the more parents try to hook the object, the more they can make it fall deeper. Then the situation will be more serious.

☀️When the child is able to Cough, it is necessary to act quickly to get the object out of the child’s mouth.