According to the law, not to save life-threatening people can be punished with imprisonment from 2 to 7 years. “Saving one life is better than building seven towers”, this is a humane action that everyone needs to do.

However, instead of gratitude, many lifesaving cases are accompanied by suspicion and detention. Even violent victim’s family can put their own benefactor’s life in danger, so some people choose to turn their backs on the victim, even though they know that this action should not be.

In order to save lives and limit future troubles, we need to follow the following procedures when encountering a victim:

1️⃣ Identify the victim’s condition.

2️⃣ Take a snapshot of at least 3 photos and record a short video showing:

➡Overview of the scene;

➡People involved, testifying or seeing;

➡Directly photograph the victim and his or her wounds.

3️⃣ Call 911 to report the scene and ask for more first aid if needed.

4️⃣ Call 113 to report the incident or ask people to call the local police.

5️⃣ Call the victim’s family to come and coordinate with people around to give first aid to the victim while waiting for the ambulance and the victim’s family to arrive.

The above actions can limit legal trouble, assist police in the investigation process, and avoid being misunderstood by the victim’s family.

At the same time, every Vietnamese needs to be equipped with knowledge and effective first aid skills in advance to help the victims, help maintain their lives, make the victim’s condition less severe, increase their ability to recover and limit the loss of life. reduce the risk to both yourself and the victim.

Thus, first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive is not difficult if we know the right way. May each of us no longer hesitate to help victims when they are in great need of help.

Information with reference to the experience of field first aid in Vietnam of the FAS Angels team FAS Angel – First Aid Support .