Mr. Tony Coffey and Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen practice first aid for victims of food choking. (Photo: Ngoc Trang)

Recently, nearly 800 teachers, staff and students of North American International School – SNA (under Nguyen Hoang Group) participated in a first aid and escape training session led by first aid expert Tony Coffey from Australia.
At the training session, Tony Coffey – Australia’s leading first aid expert – pointed out some common mistakes people make and gave first aid instructions to students and teachers of North American International School. – SNA (Him Lam Area – South Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City). Specifically, the first 4 minutes after an accident is a “golden” time to minimize the danger of the injury. However, many people still keep the wrong first aid habits and can make things worse.
Accordingly, SNA students have been practicing skills to effectively deal with common injuries that students often encounter such as fractures; Sprain, dislocation, drowning. At the same time, they learn how to help others, how to handle common emergencies such as hemostasis, stroke recognition, unconsciousness, cardiac arrest, electric shocks… In addition, SNA students also learn escape skills when there is a fire or gas leak.
The training session of expert Tony Coffey attracts students by relating to real-life situations such as choking on food, cutting the neck, preserving severed body parts… In which, first aid steps are meticulously guided through models and students volunteer to model.

SNA students practice first aid for an unconscious victim. (Photo: Ngoc Trang)

Ton Nu Cam Quynh, Class 10V2, shared: “The training session was quite interesting, helping me learn a lot of practical skills. After this class, I realized that I had misunderstood some basic first aid methods before. Specifically, the most useful skill for me is dealing with drowning because I love swimming and have met many friends who get drowning.”
Statistics in a hospital in Vietnam show that up to 50% of people receive unfortunate consequences because they do not receive first aid or give first aid incorrectly when having an accident. In the process of development, Nguyen Hoang Group always focuses on cooperating with prestigious educational institutions and international partners to continuously develop training programs of life skills – life values for students and teachers; towards training a generation of comprehensive people rich in human values.
The training of first aid and escape for students at SNA has also demonstrated the profound Human value of the Nguyen Hoang Group. It is not only teaching students to equip themselves with survival skills, but also teaching them to be responsible for themselves and society through saving themselves and saving people around them.
In the coming time, Nguyen Hoang Group will deploy these first aid and escape training sessions to other member schools such as Saigon Academy International Kindergarten (SGA); iSchool International Integration School System (iSchool); The system of International Bilingual Schools British Academy (UKA), Hong Bang International University (HIU) and Ba Ria-Vung Tau University (BVU).

Source: Báo Vietnam+