Do you think any hospital can treat stroke? The answer is NO.

In fact, only hospitals with MRI machines can help victims save their lives.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine is a method of taking pictures of organs in the living body using magnetic fields and radio waves.

Stroke has many causes, but the most common are:

– Due to a blood clot in an artery or bad cholesterol, blood pumping to the brain is suddenly stopped.

– When blood vessels burst, causing internal bleeding in the brain due to high blood pressure, cerebral vascular malformations.

The MRI machine can recognize the person’s condition, from which the doctors will have a cure for each different case. Otherwise, it will be difficult to determine the right treatment.

Therefore, when encountering a person suspected of having a stroke with obvious signs of FAST, it is necessary to take the victim to hospitals with MRI to save their life.

SSVN updated the list of some hospitals with MRI in Ho Chi Minh city for you to save:

1. People’s Hospital 115

2. Military Hospital 175

3. Thong Nhat hospital

4. Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital

5. Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital

6. Thu Duc District Hospital

7. Cho Ray Hospital

8. Gia Dinh People’s Hospital

9. Trung Vuong Hospital

10. An Binh Hospital

11. Thu Duc Area General Hospital

12. Saigon General Hospital

13. Nguyen Trai Hospital

14. Xuyen A Hospital

15. Gia An Hospital 11

16. Hoan My Saigon Hospital

17. City International Hospital

18. International Neurosurgery Hospital

19. International General Hospital

20. Vinmec Central Park

21. Trieu An General Hospital

22. Tam Duc Heart Hospital

23. District 1 Hospital

24. District 2 Hospital

25. Tan Phu Hospital

26. Tan Binh Hospital

27. Hoc Mon Area General Hospital