'Angel' Rescuers

First Aid Support Angel (F.A.S.) - The volunteer first aid rescuer team provides early first aid support to traffic accident victims.

First Aid Support (F.A.S.) Angel – The volunteer emergency response team

First Aid Support Angel was founded by Mr. Pham Quoc Viet on September 2019. Up to now, the Team already has 50 members in Ha Noi and many provinces in Vietnam.

Everyday from 09:30 PM to 01:30 AM, the team members patrol the streets. The team at home are responsibile to report information and location of accidents to patroling teams to provide timely support via a chat group. The information and photos then will be reported to polices and families of the victims to learn more about the accidents.

SSVN is proud to be the training providers to Mr. Pham Quoc Viet and his team via a training program ordered by Grab in 2019. At the same time, SSVN also prolongs its support as volunteer training partner and sponsor of F.A.S. Angels until now.


SSVN is proud to be a partner of F.A.S. Angels

Contact SSVN: (+84) 0938393230 (Binh)

Contact F.A.S. Angels hotline: (+84) 0822510627

Please support F.A.S. Angels and SSVN

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