There were two moments that made Tony Coffey a first aid instructor in Vietnam. It was from two accidents, one was the incident of his daughter, the other was the death of a Vietnamese baby.

When her daughter was only two years old, Tony Coffey was a businessman in Australia. While preparing food for his baby in the morning, Tony heard a sob behind him. Turning, he saw his daughter had fallen to the floor, pale, motionless. In a panic, he remembered the advice program on how to handle on Australian television, Tony immediately applied and took the girl to the hospital right after. His daughter, Shaana Coffey, was lucky to escape from the hand of the Death and became a first aid specialist like his father.

Mr. Tony came to Vietnam to organize first aid training sessions

After the incident of his daughter, Tony Coffey had changed his mind. He noticed many cases like this happening every day with children, but parents hardly know how to handle them. Tony quyết định học khóa cấp cứu để bảo vệ bản thân và gia đình. He has worked for the Sydney Lifeguard Association and the New South Wales State Rescue Academy, specializing in emergency care and volunteer rescue training for Australian organizations and businesses for more than 20 years.

But why is he in Vietnam? That was the story of 2014 when he went to Vietnam to travel. Accidentally, he knew that a baby had suddenly died due to airway obstruction but did not receive first aid in time. When the accident happened, the child care center staff called the family to come to the baby’s emergency, but just a few minutes late, the baby’s life could not be saved. Tony Coffey cried when he heard that story, he decided to bring his rescue experience to help the Vietnamese.

Mr. Tony Coffey used his own pocket money to come to Vietnam to teach first aid, from 2014 to the present.

We have to know how to save ourselves and our loved ones first, then it’s up to the doctors and nurses

Until now, there are still many people who still keep the wrong first aid habits and can make the victim’s condition worse, not save the victim’s life, the victim may even die on the way. If we take our studies seriously, we will realize the great benefits of giving first aid on the spot, and the best thing about first aid is that you don’t have to deal with all the situations, but only to deal with the most serious situation.

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Source: HTV