What to wear when I go rock fishing?

It is important to have the correct fishing safety gear & equipment to ensure you are fishing safely.

What items should I pack to keep me safe while rock fishing?

As waves approach the coastline and move into increasingly shallow water they will start to slow down. There comes a point where the top of the wave overtakes it and starts to spill forward. The wave will then start to break. On any beach, there will commonly be a combination of three types of breaking waves. Each breaking wave has their own characteristics.

[cq_vc_materialcard title=”LIFEJACKET” icon_fontawesome=”” colorstyle=”#3BAFDA”]Always wear an approved life jacket, it may save your life if you fall in the water. In some areas it is the law to wear a lifejacket when rock fishing. You may be fined for not wearing one. Make sure you know how to use your lifejacket – many drownings occur because people do not know how to use their safety equipment.[/cq_vc_materialcard]
[cq_vc_materialcard title=”NON SLIP SHOES & LIGHT CLOTHING” icon_fontawesome=”” colorstyle=”#3BAFDA”]Non-slip footwear is essential on wet, slippery rocks. Do not wear boots as these will fill with water and make you sink quickly. Heavy clothing can become waterlogged, and it will make it very difficult to stay afloat if you fall in.[/cq_vc_materialcard]
[cq_vc_materialcard title=”ROPE OR FLOATATION DEVICE” icon_fontawesome=”” colorstyle=”#3BAFDA”]Most rock fishing spots will have an angel ring available to use in an emergency. Bringing your own rope or floatation device can be useful in cases of an emergency to rescue or pull someone out of the water. Always be prepared.[/cq_vc_materialcard]

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